Interpretation of LED road lighting development status and future trends
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LED has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life and so on. It is the most ideal light source on the market. China's road lighting market is very large, coupled with the current state has been vigorously support and promote the LED industry, LED applied to road lighting will promote the development of the entire LED lighting industry.

chairman said, LED lighting has obvious advantages, although the price is high, but as the industry standard, the future price of LED is not a problem. With the promotion and optimization of the industry, the technology of LED road lighting is not much problem. LED road lighting has changed a lot in recent years, and the entire LED road lighting market has moved up. With the continuous

specification technology continues to improve, and constantly improve the industry awareness, domestic road lighting using LED light source is more and more, the original source of road lighting will have replaced LED, new roads and engineering of most of the use of LED light source. The threshold of road lighting is higher than that of other lighting fields. But on the other hand, the demand for road lighting is very large. China's urban street lighting lines up to 560 thousand kilometers, about about 18000000 street lamps, the annual power consumption of more than 5 billion 500 million degrees. This represents an alarming potential for energy conservation. LED has great advantages in the application of road lighting, and has become the most suitable electric light source for road lighting. Even many people think that LED will be the only light source for road lighting for a long time to come.

can occupy a space for one person in the market, mainly depends on the core competitiveness of enterprises. LED in acceptance and government level is no longer a problem, if you want to take the initiative in the market, it is necessary to have advantages in technical, commercial, financial and other comprehensive strength. In addition, LED also needs breakthroughs in new technologies and new materials, and the future LED will be developed in a simpler and more convenient way, and enterprises should keep pace with the times. According to the existing

statistical classification, LED outdoor functional lighting can be divided into three categories, respectively, street lights, tunnel lights and other functional lighting. Other functional lighting products mainly include courtyard lamp, lamp and high-power floodlight etc.. From the current ownership Chinese, functional outdoor lighting, street lamp, courtyard lamp quantity is the largest, followed by the high pole lamp and high power lamp, tunnel lamp is finally. As street lamps and garden lights are mostly in the field of public lighting, they developed earlier and faster.

popular with the arrival of the global energy crisis and the construction of conservation oriented society, the new technology of LED road lighting energy saving and environmental protection will have a huge impact on the traditional lighting technology. The day after the development direction of road lighting will be LED lighting technology, thus the prospect of LED in the world of road lighting is limitless. In addition, green lighting, energy-saving environmental protection is the focus of attention in today's society, road lighting is also in beautiful and practical basis, more and more pursuit of energy saving and efficient. With the development of LED technology and scientific design, road lighting will realize the unity of beauty, utility and energy saving.

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