LED industrial and mining lights are widely used in the field of industrial lighting
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High power integrated COB and modular products allow LED to rapidly become the mainstream of industrial lighting. Therefore, in 2015, LED industrial and mining lamps will increase the replacement of traditional industrial and mining lamps.

with the development of society, a variety of industrial buildings such as bamboo shoots emerge, workers in order to ensure the production and inspection work carried out smoothly, we need lighting at the plant in the corresponding configuration to achieve the necessary working demand of light. Industrial lighting fixtures emphasize the functional characteristics of LED lamps. In the field of industrial lighting applications, LED lighting needs to pay attention to its function, environment, complex and diverse lighting options.

LED lighting according to different illumination and places, choose different combination of power source. Industrial lighting has the characteristics of complicated environment and harsh conditions, so it is necessary to select different types of lamps according to various environmental conditions in the lighting places. Industrial lighting is mainly workshop lighting, plant lighting and warehouse lighting, etc., industrial lighting should be achieved in a certain illumination conditions to ensure the comfort and safety of workers, to do anti glare treatment. The lighting design of

workshop first followed in accordance with the structure and lighting workshop installation height to determine. Suitable lamp house structure, the lighting efficiency will be much higher; try to use light color temperature and color rendering index matched with the production workers LED mining lamp, so that the light of the production area is very uniform, meet the lighting lighting of the building requirements; to ensure the workshop lighting the lighting is not disturbed, must try to avoid the voltage fluctuation. In addition, it is necessary to equip with an illumination device that can operate within a certain voltage range, and a reasonable industrial lighting fixture will be used to improve the lighting efficiency.

LED mining lamp using mostly high power lamps as the main light source, it has the advantages of high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay, good color, no ghosting. The advantages of LED mining lamp is green environmental protection and no pollution, its color is very good, for any solid material color clear, eliminate the lighting to color error. It improves the work efficiency of workers.

LED mining lamp using more power, the thermal design is very unique, and the electrical box cleverly combines the effective spread of heat, so as to reduce the temperature of the LED lamp, the lamp to ensure the service life of the body. Staff on the surface of the lamp coated with a preservative treatment agent, but also played a beautiful appearance effect. LED industrial and mining lamps use a wide range, generally used in warehouses, open courtyard, cargo yard, storage room or large prison, etc., its service life is relatively long, the energy consumption is relatively low. Is by far the most widely used lamps and lanterns. In fact,

, LED mining lamp energy saving effect is the most obvious, usually with very good quality of the chip, power supply with high efficiency, so that when it and the same brightness lamps when compared to energy saving seventy-five percent. LED industrial and mining lights, special chips, so that it has a long service life, life expectancy of about fifty thousand hours. In addition, the LED industrial and mining lamps are green, free of pollution, and contain no special chemicals. They do not cause any harm to the users or the environment. Some users will LED mining lamp special appearance processing, use it for decoration, the effect is still good, and it is easy to install, the scope of use is more extensive.

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