Application and introduction of industrial and mining lamps
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Basic introduction

electrodeless lamp industry miner's lamp is made of ultra bright three color phosphor light source, the shell is made of Aluminum Alloy (customer optional), with a high efficiency PC or toughened glass, heat conduction copper and Aluminum Alloy heat radiating natural air circulation cooling makes more perfect, according to the different needs of customers will continue to change the shape of electrodeless lamp, lamp working power is only 20% sodium lamp, electrodeless lamp lamp can replace the lamp industry 250W is equivalent to 100W, especially with the use of

field presents national “ green low carbon “.

suitable for shipyard, mine, workshop, workshop, warehouse, highway toll station, gas station, supermarket, exhibition hall, gymnasium and other places need industrial lighting. The explosion-proof performance

excellent performance characteristics, can be in various inflammable and safe use of

imported fluorescent powder, optimize the structure of the electrodeless lamp body, achieve high efficiency, low depreciation, energy saving and environmental protection advantages; the key components of

ballast with the world brand, to ensure the service life of the lamp;

using crystalline lens the light distribution, on different occasions to meet the lighting needs;

using permeable structure design, optimization of the heat dissipation structure can ensure the service life of the lamp;

lamp adopts angle locking device, can guarantee that not change is still in the working angle of long period vibration environment;

lamp body is made of light alloy materials, seal and special surface coating. Ensure that the lamp never in damp, high temperature and other harsh environment corrosion, never rust;

seat type derrick and so on many kinds of installation. Product description


using aluminum die-casting shell, three color phosphor light, no radiation and shell integrated design unique above filament electrode, no life 50 thousand hours

2., effective heat conduction diffusion, thereby reducing the temperature of the

3. surface of the lamp lamp body in anodized anti-corrosion treatment, compact structure, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof good performance

features high luminous flux, obvious energy saving effect, compared with the sodium lamp can save more than 70% energy.

- excellent decorative effect, the appearance can choose a variety of colors, simple installation, convenient disassembly, wide application range.

- life of up to more than 50 thousand hours, 10 times longer than traditional light source.

- green environmental protection and no pollution, pollution of lead, mercury and other elements, there is no pollution to the environment.

- good color, to show a true color of things.

adopt built-in or CE rectifier, safe and reliable, can be -35 degrees to +45 degrees for 5 years.

- good heat dissipation.


applicable to factories and enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises, petroleum and chemical industry workshop, warehouse, highway toll stations, gas station, supermarket, exhibition hall, smelting and other inflammable and explosive places as light or floodlight.

this LED mining lamp is widely used in factories, warehouses, supermarkets, fruit shops and other large local high brightness lighting.

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