Installation mode of industrial and mining lamps in plant lighting
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Led mining lamp is a kind of industrial lighting is very important, its flexible installation, strong illuminance, illumination range, by many manufacturers like, mainly include: installation of mining lamp, side wall hanging, these three types of mobile.

sidewall installation: mining lamp side wall installation, mainly for some light industrial plants, the plant height is relatively low, relatively high content of light illumination, which belongs to fine industrial lighting, so the side wall installation, advantages of this installation is to save energy, with a minimum of illumination maximum lighting requirements.

hanging installation: hanging lamp installation is mainly suitable for heavy machinery production workshop lighting, the workshop lighting, plant height is very high, wide range of lighting requirements, the illumination requirements are not very high, and the fine lighting difference is bigger, therefore it is suitable for mounting.

Mobile: mining lamp is very special in the mobile application, this kind of lamp is mainly used in factories and mines in the outdoor lighting environment, the outdoor lighting environment is very poor especially in some places, the input power is very difficult, while mobile mining lamp can make up this shortcoming, can in this environment, to achieve the ideal lighting requirements.

is currently above three mining lamp installation or application form, all mining lamps in various industrial lighting is very important, make full use of the advantages of mining lamps, will enable the industrial enterprises to save energy, improve work efficiency.

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