LED obvious advantages and characteristics of industrial and mining lamps
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The whole world is now calling for the use of LED mining lamp, but the LED mining lamp price than ordinary energy-saving lamp price much higher why use LED mining lamp to replace energy-saving lamps? Let's take a look at the difference between them is to understand why?

1. power consumption of the ordinary energy-saving lamps is relatively large. LED mining lamp 3 times above. In terms of energy saving and environmental protection, the energy-saving lamps have not been able to keep up with the times.

2. common energy-saving lamps contain mercury, which can affect people's safety if the bulb is damaged.

3. average energy saving lamp average life only 1 years, and LED industrial and mining lights can reach 5W hours.

4. ordinary energy-saving lamps light only white and warm colors, and LED industrial and mining lamps for all solid light-emitting solid, cold light source, light-emitting color rich and colorful, such as: white, yellow, blue and so on.

5.LED mining lamp energy saving and environmental protection, shockproof, waterproof, miniature, high brightness, adjustable light etc...

is not difficult to see the advantages of LED mining lamp in the near future will be the development of energy-saving lamps, replaced slowly.

LED has a mining lamp six characteristics:

, environmental protection and energy saving lamps normal service life of 30 thousand hours or more. Two, in the first

dike under the same brightness, 70WLED mining lamp 175W high-pressure sodium lamp electric 60%. The three part,

mining lamp light source, light source used by the U.S. company chip, high efficiency, low depreciation, current margin, chip rated current is 700mA, the actual use only 310mA, good thermal design, solid crystal using brazing solder. Low thermal resistance, low operating temperature of the chip. The actual junction temperature is less than or equal to 50 DEG C, thus ensuring the stability and long life of the work. Four,

mining lamp LED lamp radiating part in about 80% of the energy is converted into heat, and with LED of power and increase the degree of integration, the heat flux heat of LED increases rapidly, the heat dissipation problem is becoming more and more serious. Excessive LED junction temperature not only attenuates the life of LED, but also causes serious or even fatal impact on LED peak wavelength, optical power, luminous flux and many other performance parameters. However, the natural convection cooling fan, the cooling capacity of the heat dissipation method of cooling and heat pipe is very limited, it is difficult to implement the LED from the surface high heating intensity in the wick heat and external cooling, the temperature is lower than the ideal range. Five,

mining lamp body parts:

super cooling capacity: heat flux density has reached 400W/cm2, its capacity is 1000 times higher than the water, about 100 times higher than the heat pipe.

LED chip temperature is low: LED chip operating temperature can be less than 60 degrees celsius. Light weight, small size: less than 25% of the existing radiator, the volume can be as small as 20%.

without power cooling; passive cooling, without a fan or pump, cooling energy consumption. Six,

mining lamp applications, suitable for shipyard, mine, workshop, workshop, warehouse, highway toll station, gas station, supermarket, exhibition hall, gymnasium and other places need industrial lighting.

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