How to solve the heat dissipation problem of LED mining lamp
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How to solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED mining lamp, LED mining lamp with high power dissipation is difficult, because the heat directly determines the life of the product, and the product life is also related to the company's reputation, Good news goes on crutches, qiuckly, if sold a batch of LED mining lamp inside a large area of the short-lived phenomenon than will become the arena a joke, a bad reputation was soon brought to the thousands of miles away. Now

LED mining a lot of cost on the cooling light above, but the effect is not good, and large volume and weight, the appearance of ugly, if you can put some heat to the shade, will not only reduce the cost and weight, but also can improve the cooling effect.

to good use of lamp to heat, must solve the problems from the LED chip to the lampshade, the heat transfer interface must be less resistance from small. Considering the COB cost advantage, the future LED mining lamp can be made of aluminum substrate in the form of COB, and the aluminum substrate directly as LED mining lamp shades, is a kind of heat transfer interface at least, and the isolated power supply, safety and easy to pass, because even if the current package is less than the breakdown glue. 36V safety current. The customer is

LED mining lamp factory, factory customers and private clients has great difference, the factory customer for the price of the capacity is stronger, there are certain technical personnel, technology understanding more, if you want to talk is more difficult, we must put forward a set of scientific principles to plan, to the factory accept, but for the factories, as long as the quality of life and energy efficiency of LED lamp products is good enough, the price can be increased a little. For private users, he did not measure to judge the quality of the product, it is impossible to LED lamp factory inspection, anyway, is hard to judge, as it is not right, just choose the cheapest, which also have the Taobao selling fakes.

can imagine, if this lamp type COB package LED lamp will be downstream of the LED mining lamp manufacturers welcome, realize products are good and cheap, will be popular in the market.

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