How should the wiring for LED industrial and mining lamps be installed?
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Many users may be the first time to use LED industrial and mining lights, for the LED industrial and mining installation wiring experience. The following are some of the installation and wiring experience shared by LED Lighting Co., ltd..

1, LED mining lamp installation experience: first ensure

LED factory shed light is good in the receipt of the goods, check the LED lamp as far as possible in the time to receive the LED factory shed lights the appearance of the watch has not damaged.

second LED ceiling lamp to the site for installation, should be in accordance with the installation drawings of factory, the first installation personnel organized first connected to several LED ceiling lamp installation drawings try right, if the conditions can be arranged for a person to a test light, avoid to get upstairs after installation there are bad, but also removed.

third is to remind the installation workers and the importance of fixed wiring, especially outdoor wiring waterproofing is very important, when fixing and wiring the best review. Fourth

in LED mining lamp fixed after connection, ready to shine, the best in the main power supply using the multimeter to play it, if there is a wrong line short circuit etc.. In all fifth

prepared to try as much as possible bright light after a period of time, second days, third days to review, do so in the future, all are good, generally will not appear behind what problem.

2, led mining lamp wiring method:

Led mining lamp is generally out of three lines, the blue line and brown line connected to the firing line and the zero line, no polarity, there is a yellow line, with a hint of green, yellow green called roll, this line grounding line, if there is no ground here, can be empty. Compared with the traditional industrial and mining lamps, the

LED mining lamp has a longer life and a more stable performance. Use late maintenance, low frequency change. LED industrial and mining lights installation wiring is simple and convenient, as long as we pay attention, should be able to easily handle.

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