LED what light sources are used in industrial and mining lamps?
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LED industrial light source is represented by fluorescent lamp and energy saving lamp. High intensity gas discharge electric light source is represented by high pressure water Yin fluorescent lamp, high pressure sodium lamp (as well as low pressure sodium lamp) and metal halide lamp. For example, the luminous efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp is 8~10 times of incandescent lamp, long service life, stable performance, high luminous flux maintenance rate, lighting applications applicable to color requirements of the road, square, dock and indoor tall plant, warehouse and other places. The metal halide lamp has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, good color rendering capability and high power, and is suitable for large-scale lighting places, such as theatres, assembly workshops, etc.. The luminous efficiency of

single compact fluorescent lamp for 50lm/W. Using a 9W, life of 3000~5000h energy-saving lamp can replace 40W incandescent lamp fluorescent lamp; luminous efficiency of double ends straight tube type T12 for 55lm/W, 3000~5000h and T5 for life, now the fluorescent lamp luminous efficiency up to 90~110lm/W, life of up to 8000~10000h.

in recent years, many other types of new power source in constant development and, such as excimer light source (ELS), microwave light source and solid light source (such as LED). The solid light source, such as light-emitting diodes, light emitting devices such as plasma, despite their high luminous efficiency, yet can not get high power (e.g. 100 watts), so the solid light emitting device to enter the large-scale practical stage and a distance, according to the analysis in recent years, the traditional electric light source will be the mainstream (such as incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp etc.).

(1) gas discharge light source according to the division of

discharge arc discharge lamp. The gas discharge electric light source mainly uses the arc discharge column to produce light. The cathode works at a higher temperature, so it is also called a hot cathode lamp. This kind of gas discharge electric light source usually needs special starting device and circuit to work. The electric light source mainly has fluorescent lamp, Gong lamp, Gong lamp and so on. The

glow discharge lamp. The gas discharge electric light source produces light by glow discharge column, and the cathode temperature is not high when it is discharged, so it is also called cold cathode gas discharge electric light source. The anode to cathode voltage drop is larger (about 100V), and the current density is small. Neon lights belong to this category.

(2) divided by the

gas medium after the discharge current of the discharge lamp. Glow discharge using gas. Such as xenon lamp, fluorescent lamp and neon lamp etc..

metal vapor lamp. The use of metal vapors (such as Gong vapor, sodium vapor, etc.) to produce light, such as Gong lights, sodium lamps, etc..

(3) divided by the low level of

atmospheric pressure discharge lamp in lamp. When discharging, the air pressure in the lamp is about 1% atmospheric pressure, such as fluorescent lamp, low pressure sodium lamp, etc..

high pressure lamp. When discharging, the air pressure in the lamp is 1~5 atmospheric pressure, such as high voltage Gong lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, high pressure xenon lamp, etc.. The

ultra high pressure lamp. When the discharge lamp pressure is greater than 10 atmospheres, such as dysprosium lamp, sodium lamp, sodium lamp and scandium scandium. The high

Gong lamp luminous efficiency up to 50lm/W, the color index of more than 65 Ra, temperature 4000~6000K, life can reach about 10000h, the power specifications are 35~3500W, has formed a series. The luminous efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp reaches 120lm/W, the color rendering index Ra is 25, the lifetime reaches 24000h, and the power specification is 30~1000W. HID lights emit only half the amount of halogen lamps, lamps life of more than 2500h.

electric incandescent fluorescent lamps than the Lantern Festival 70%, apply to the office, dormitory and ceiling height less than 5m workshop and other indoor lighting applications. Compact fluorescent lamp luminous efficiency is 5% higher than the common fluorescent lamp, tube type fluorescent lamps than ordinary fluorescent lamp energy saving 10%, therefore, the compact type fluorescent lamp tube and is highly efficient energy-saving electric light source launched today “ green lighting project implementation plan in ”.

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