Why are LED industrial and mining lights suitable for industrial applications?
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Why is LED industrial and mining lamps suitable for industrial areas? LED industrial and mining lamps as one of the main energy saving and emission reduction in the country. A few years later, LED industrial and mining lights ushered in a new period, today's society is very important green environmental protection, and coincidentally, LED industrial and mining lights have this feature, so it has been vigorously promoted. At the same time, LED mining lights will continue to optimize and improve, in order to better spread to all areas of society. Not yet read, continue to look down!

LED mining lights advantages:

1, LED mining lights, durable, long service life. In the lighting market in our LED mining lamp is almost made of shell using Aluminum Alloy material quality, Aluminum Alloy strength is relatively high, the performance is relatively stable, therefore, after the long-term use will not change the line deformation phenomenon, its surface is treated by high pressure electrostatic spray, the lamp surface grip comfort, long service life.

2 and LED industrial and mining lamps have certain explosion-proof performance. Considering the special lamp place, when we are making LED mining lamp, the structure design of a special anti explosion, and the use of glass to make the lamp shade, and after making the die casting process, the performance of the LED mining lamp manufactured goods is relatively stable, with explosion-proof performance a certain, very easy to use, high safety factor.

3, LED mining lamp voltage: LED energy-saving lamp using low-voltage power supply, the supply voltage between 6-24V, according to different products, so it is a more secure than the use of high-voltage power supply.

4, LED mining lamp with radiating function excellent special lamp types, it is often used by people to the industrial zone, led mining lamp not only has the lighting effect, good light concentration is high, but also very friendly, very pure light, to ensure the safe operation. The use of

LED mining lamp in the industrial area: the use of

LED mining lamp in the industrial area, with the development of society, a variety of industrial buildings such as bamboo shoots emerge, workers in order to ensure the production and inspection work carried out smoothly, we need in the workshop in the allocation of the corresponding lighting to achieve the necessary working the light of the demand. Industrial lighting fixtures emphasize the functional characteristics of LED lamps. In the field of industrial lighting applications, LED lighting needs to pay attention to its function, environment, complex and diverse lighting options. Choose LED lighting lamps, according to different lighting and place, choose different light source power combination. Industrial lighting has the characteristics of complicated environment and harsh conditions, so it is necessary to select different types of lamps according to various environmental conditions in the lighting places. Industrial lighting is mainly workshop lighting, plant lighting and warehouse lighting, etc., industrial lighting should be achieved in a certain illumination conditions to ensure the comfort and safety of workers, to do anti glare treatment. One of the most common lighting fixtures used in industrial parks is the LED miner's lamp. The lighting design of the workshop is first determined according to the structure of the workshop and the height of the luminaire installed. Suitable lamp house structure, the lighting efficiency will be much higher; try to use light color temperature and color rendering index matched with the production workers LED mining lamp, so that the light of the production area is very uniform, meet the lighting lighting of the building requirements; to ensure the workshop lighting the lighting is not disturbed, must try to avoid the voltage fluctuation. In addition, it is necessary to equip with an illumination device that can operate within a certain voltage range, and a reasonable industrial lighting fixture will be used to improve the lighting efficiency.

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