Design technology of high thermal conductivity plastic industrial and mining lamps
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In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, LED industrial and mining lamps must design and design thousands of schemes and models. The existing LED lighting related devices and materials have been unable to meet the needs of the ever-changing market, the need to constantly innovative design ideas, innovative new materials, new technology, in order to design and produce a new generation of lighting fixtures.

1 high conductive plastic lamp

Led mining lamp as indoor and outdoor lighting is widely used and high demand products, traditional mining lamp with LED lamp working condition design of low voltage and high current (such as centralized package COB), in the light of the lamp has been difficult to distribute heat, make the product designers try to seek method of cooling the heat and headache, will consume a large amount of aluminum heat radiating device designed poorly, radiator design tall heavy. There

high conductive plastics for mining lamp provides a good heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, good insulation performance of a new generation of materials, design a new system of mining lamps have innovative solutions. Two 100W power LED different design different radiating materials, mining lamps (Fig. 1), on the left is the traditional design of the LED lamp, LED lamp light source plate with low voltage and high current COB, external power supply, Aluminum Alloy multi fin radiator, the overall weight of 5 ~ 6kg; the right side is used HVLED uniform light source board technology, high voltage linear constant current drive power, and high thermal plastic radiator, the innovative design of a new generation of mining lamps, the overall weight of only 1.85kg.

2 with high thermal conductivity and high thermal conductivity

plastic plastic, suggests that the excellent thermal conductivity of plastic material. High thermal conductivity plastic, thermal conductivity of 2 ~ 9W/mk, resistance to AC6000V, high temperature, acid, alkali, salt, fog corrosion, high flame retardant level. The utility model is suitable for extrusion and injection molding automation and mass production, and the product does not need any subsequent process, greatly reduces the manufacturing cost, and the production process is environment-friendly without pollution.

plastic plastic and biochemical plastic two categories, respectively, from oil and plant. Petrochemical plastics are obtained from petroleum decomposition, and it is difficult to decompose them when they are abandoned. Biochemical waste plastic from the plant, when crushed, buried a few years later, in a certain humidity and under the action of microorganisms, to disintegrate, the whole degradation, ensure to meet the requirements of environmental protection. In the traditional petroleum based plastic products

brings for the daily life of people convenient at the same time, also produced a series of problems, the white pollution and energy shortage is most serious. In order to solve these problems, a kind of completely biodegradable plastic — — modified polylactic acid PLA came into being, the product has high thermal conductivity, and has a good insulating performance, no leakage of danger, it is a new radiator materials of LED lighting needs, ideal.

PLA (PolylacticAcid) is the English abbreviation of polylactic acid, which is a polymer with lactic acid as the main material. The synthesis of raw materials mainly from vegetable starch (corn starch, commonly known as “ ”) not only can sustainable use, and after crushing buried in soil can be completely decomposed by microorganisms, no pollution to the environment, it is internationally recognized as an ideal green material at present. High thermal conductivity biological plastics is modified by PLA many times. It has the characteristics of fast heat conduction and good heat dissipation. It is also the main characteristic and has certain rigidity. Can be widely used in different power (3 ~ 200W) LED lamps, covers bulb lamp, fluorescent lamp, ceiling lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, track Par mining lamp, explosion-proof lamp, street lamps and other common LED lamps. High conductive plastics with UV resistant, acid and alkali salt fog corrosion characteristics, especially suitable for use in some special environment, such as the sea, wharf, marine environment, use salt fog and acid-base concentration.

3 high thermal plastic radiator VS

aluminum radiator (1) insulation characteristics: insulation characteristics of high thermal conductive plastics, the whole light products can be used in a variety of different solutions, such as non isolated switching constant current drive power, high voltage linear constant current drive power, without external power supply of large volume, the price of your. Effectively reduce the cost of the whole lamp, improve the efficiency of the whole light, reduce the volume of the product.

(2) corrosion resistance to acid and alkali, salt fog: the whole lamp products can be widely used in various harsh environments, such as ocean, desert, underground and other strong corrosive environment, effectively avoid the aluminum radiator due to salt spray, oxidation, corrosion and corrosion of humidity caused by the bad environment. Shortcomings.

(3) processing characteristics: direct through injection molding, a molding, high degree of finish; avoid the aluminum radiator as subsequent multiple processing procedures cost, the production process without any heavy metal pollution, and waste emissions.

(4): Plastic aluminum structure can give full play to the characteristics of aluminum heat conduction speed, and can give full play to the heat thermal convection and radiation ability, cooling effect is more effective use of separate pieces of aluminum.

(5) the whole lamp light weight: because the cooling effect is obvious, with a smaller volume, lighter weight, satisfy the same size heat sink for higher power demand.

(6) environmental characteristics: high thermal plastic PLA using corn starch as raw material, has the characteristics of complete degradation, more in line with European environmental requirements, more easily accepted by customers.

(7): as in the application of special lamp explosion-proof lamp applications, due to thermal insulation material with a certain rigidity, can replace metal as explosion-proof lamp shell, greatly reduce the safety explosion-proof lamp shell metal process as needed, can reduce the manufacturing process, reduce costs. The advantage of


“ optical engine ”+ with high thermal conductivity and thermal insulation body (1) high PF value (easily reach >96%), high efficiency (can be in 85% ~ 92%), THD<20%.

(2) without the addition of any safety capacitance or inductance, could satisfy the requirements of EMC, energy star and PWM dimming request.

(3) circuit part adopts solid electrolytic capacitor components, avoid long-term use of easily damaged problems under the condition of high temperature power, longer life, more stable and reliable.

(4) simple circuit, power supply and lamp integration, using automatic production, reduce processing costs.

(5) in the same line with the export safety standards and quality requirements, can greatly reduce the cost of power supply.

(6) high voltage linear constant current drive IC with intelligent overtemperature and overvoltage protection, more can guarantee the power supply and the whole life of the lamp. Comparison of


5 and conventional switching power supply with high voltage linear constant current IC driving mode, in order to meet the same safety standards and quality requirements, it can reduce the cost of power supply. Reduce the lamp structure design, also saves the whole lamp cost.

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