Factory LED miner's lamp energy efficiency of more than 55%
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A LED industry pointed out that, for factories LED mining lights, the product operating life of more than 60 thousand hours, energy efficiency of more than 55%, long-term cumulative, for manufacturers to save a lot of money.

electricity prices did not drop, save the current consumption has become a topic of concern of users, in addition to reduce electricity consumption, the use of high-tech high electric energy saving and environmental protection, the method is the most immediate. The light is

people living necessities, whether homes, factories, shopping malls, and even the hall and park, always need to have lights, lamp occupies the important position, thus. The lamp bulb is

and every family to use, if the choice of energy-saving and environmental protection lamp, the long run, source and save money, benefit countless.

energy-saving and green lights, including nano fluorescent lamp, suitable for home and office building LED fluorescent lamp, LED bulb, LED downlight, LED factory for mining lamp, electrodeless lamp, and is suitable for the streets and parks of the LED light.

nano fluorescent lamp, energy-saving effect of more than 55% products, operating life of up to 30 thousand hours or more, and high brightness, good color, light and stable operation, reduce the light temperature at the end. A

LED industry pointed out that the factory for LED mining lamp, product operating life for more than 60 thousand hours, saving up to 55% more than the long-term cumulative, for the factory to big savings.

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