Cause analysis of using LED industrial lamp instead of sodium lamp in factory
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rise in the LED lighting era, LED mining lamp has entered various factories, in the actual application of each workshop, in the process of plant lighting applications there are still some problems, for the factory to replace the lamp with LED lamp mainly has the following problems: the first is glare. The second is the sense of space, the LED mining lamp light is basically vertical, most of the LED lamps with aluminum cover, because the surface brightness of LED chip is high, therefore, building on the top of the basic is very dark, this will cause the lights below and above the lamp light dark contrast, giving heavier the sense of oppression, caused by the lack of sense of space. The third is now using LED mining lamp chip many factories are using single tile, so in each plant lighting will have a spot, a large integrated chip after it will generate a lot of spot, make shadow appear more obvious light objects. Fourth is the existence of the problem of reflection, mainly because the LED is a direct light, with building work surface mostly adopts metal materials, a lot of light will directly into the eye, greatly reduce the workers work of comfort, so some people will think factory use LED lights to lighting feel uncomfortable. In fact, LED lamp color index is obvious, but also the way ahead in terms of energy saving, now the main problem is concentrated in the working environment of comfort, it is necessary to LED mining lamp manufacturers need to strengthen and improve the.

as mentioned above, LED mining lamp factory in the application process is also a lack of basic research, the traditional lamp lighting requirements is achieved by the reflector, and the LED product is through the middle of the lens and the reflector to achieve the lighting, but now the research on the lens is not very mature, and more is the traditional lamp lighting form moved to imitate, so that the LED lamp appeared light, light problem.

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