Newell tells you: how to choose the right LED explosion-proof lamp?
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At present

led explosion-proof lamp market is chaotic, so how to choose a suitable LED explosion-proof lamp has become the consumers need to know things, choose LED explosion-proof lamp need to pay attention to the following four points: the intrinsic properties of

1.led explosion-proof lamp is mainly reflected in the electrical configuration, but most of the time, we have ignored the problem of heat dissipation of LED lamp in particular, led explosion-proof lamps.

2.led explosion-proof lamp shell temperature itself is to explosion-proof lamp performance assessment, because explosion-proof lamp installation environment exists flammable gas, heating shell surface itself is a dangerous source. If the shell is too high, the temperature range of the whole lamp will be lowered, and the range of use will be reduced. Therefore, led explosion-proof lamp manufacturers in the design of lamps, will increase the cooling area, and increase the weight of the radiator, which is led explosion-proof lamp than the average LED lamp weight.

3. now led explosion-proof lamp market is confusing, led explosion-proof lamp can be divided into three categories. The first class is completely in accordance with national standards, from the explosion-proof structure to the temperature group, according to the requirements, the nameplate label also seeking truth from facts; meet the national standard of second kind of explosion-proof structure, but in order to reduce the cost, save the material and reduce the wall thickness, the temperature level is low, but if the customer needs, but also according to the temperature grade high sales; the third category is explosion-proof structure, temperature groups do not meet the requirements, is completely unqualified products.

4. said here, you should know, select led explosion-proof lamp, there are two key items, explosion-proof structures and temperature groups. But it's still hard for many users. Because the explosion-proof structure is more professional, you may be the sales staff several explanations, confused; temperature group is heat, is certainly good for the light source, but how high the temperature of the casing is right, don't know. Here to tell you, one of the easiest way is, for the same power LED explosion-proof lamp, you go to measure the weight of the radiator, relatively heavy is generally good. Manufacturers who do inferior led explosion-proof lamps are not willing to spend the cost on the radiator. This is a very simple and effective method. Do you know how to choose the LED explosion proof lamp?.

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