LED three proof lamp knowledge: LED what are the advantages of the three proof lamp?
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What is the LED three proof lamp? As the name suggests, LED three proof lamp refers to a kind of anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti oxidation of a special lamp. Compared with the ordinary lamps, the protection of the circuit board is more perfect, and the life of the lamp becomes longer. Some lamps electrical seal box there is a common seal radiating ability of the defect, and LED three lights in this area has been improved: special work temperature control circuit using the wisdom of three lights, reducing the working temperature of power inverter, electrical isolation protection, connectors for double insulation treatment, to ensure the safety and reliability of the line.

LED what are the advantages of the three proof lamp? A

, LED environmental protection: no ultraviolet and infrared LED spectroscopy, low heat and no stroboscopic, no strobe can protect eyesight, and waste Recyclable, no pollution does not contain harmful elements such as mercury, you can safely touch the real green lighting source.

two LED three, the service life of the lamp is very long, usually LED light source is called longevity lamp. The lamp body is not loose, so there is no filament heating burning phenomenon, so LED three lamp service life can reach fifty thousand to one hundred thousand hours long, more than ten times higher than the traditional light source life, greatly reducing the cost of maintenance and replacement. Such

three, LED three very light, which belongs to the DC drive, power consumption is very low, under the same lighting effect, LED three light than the traditional light energy saving at least eighty percent.

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