Causes and solutions for the sudden failure of LED industrial and mining lights
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In the process of using LED

mining lamp, we may encounter the lamp is not bright, or dark or light after light, flashing this kind of situation, the emergence of this situation, mainly because the British power and light problems, and not completely broken lamps. We do not want to see this situation to buy a new, as long as the reasons for understanding, so that after the targeted solution, and will get a new LED industrial and mining lights.

LED mining lamp is not bright suddenly and solution:

1, light bad; lamps in the assembly process is not perfect, and the body is not good contact beads, uneven thermal paste coating. If the lamp itself quality is poor, the lighting time is long will burn.

2, the power supply problems that lead to bad; some manufacturers to recover due to the use of poor quality low-cost power supply products, substandard product, use for a long time there will be a burning lamp, light flashing lights or after a micro light.

treatment methods: the patch type can replace the whole lamp board, high-power integrated type light source for the whole, the need to pay attention to the heat conduction is a must do. If the power is out of order, you can only change it directly. If the power source causes the light not to work, the best light source will be replaced.

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