Newell tells you, what are the advantages of integrating LED mining lights?
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integrated LED mining lamp, using multi chip integrated light source module design principle. The light source of high thermal conductivity, low light decay, pure light color, the color clear. This is a breakthrough in the light source technology of LED industrial and mining lamps. With the current society, the importance of energy saving and environmental protection is getting higher and higher, and some LED industrial and mining lamp manufacturers are also in accordance with market demand, gradually eliminated the low production capacity, high power consumption, short life of lamps. Energy-saving lighting is not only in indoor applications, but also extended to the outdoor. Breaking the traditional application of energy-saving environmental protection lamp, only indoor use. Now, what are the advantages of integrated LED mining lamps over ordinary incandescent lamps and mercury vapor lamps?

(1) real color more real: integrated LED mining lamp color fidelity rate can be as high as 80~90%, real color ordinary lamps lifelike the highest rate only reached 60%, for applications, higher requirements such as: HD color textile factory, printing and dyeing factory, workshop for precision electronic instrument.

(2) longer service life: because of lighting material structure, in the same conditions, the service life of the lamp can generally reach 8000~10000H; and integrated LED mining lamp life of >50000H, is 5 times more than ordinary lamps.

(3) environmental protection and energy saving more thoroughly: high-risk pollution chemical elements use lead, mercury integrated LED mining lamp, adhere to the zero pollution environmental protection production standards, and the incandescent lamp, mercury lamp still contain these pollution elements.

(4) special environment safety: Led integrated mining lamp, with IP65 protection standards. For high-risk environment, more suitable for, such as chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, refineries, gas stations, gas stations, sealed warehouses, fireworks factory, flour mills and so on more suitable.

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