The light power of LED industrial and mining lamps determines the luminous flux of LED industrial and mining lamps
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The rise and development of LED lighting, has banned some ordinary lamps on the market, partly because of energy-saving LED lamp more and more environmental protection; on the other hand, LED is more long service life of the lamp. In the design above, LED lamps are more scientific, in different occasions, there may be different design. For example, workshops, factories, warehouses, road toll stations, gas stations and other places will not only LED mining lights. In some landscape areas, LED wall washing lamps, LED underground lamps and so on will be arranged. But today, Xiaobian do not introduce some of the above LED lights, and today is mainly about the power of LED industrial and mining lights and their luminous flux have any direct impact. When we went to buy

mining lamp, miner's lamp power industry will generally see the size is because on the one hand, the greater the power, the brightness of the lamp is bigger, but the greater the power of the LED lamp, the corresponding power consumption will be more. Therefore, in the purchase time, we have to choose the corresponding power according to the actual needs of lamps and lanterns, which saves electricity, but also saves money to some extent. Here is a small specific data included some LED mining lamp, so that consumers buy: the number

model power voltage current and flux on beads size --JG-GK00250W30-36V1500mA10010P10S5000lm*330*220mm3000-7000K



JG-GK005120W30-36V3600mA2402*12P10S12000lm*495* 245mm3000-7000K




JG-GK009250W30-36V7500mA5005* 10P10S25000lm*505*255mm3 color

JG-GK00130W30-36V900mA606P10S3000lm*310*220mm3000-7000K--+ 000-7000K


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