Application method of LED lamp in building landscape illumination
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The correct use of LED landscape lighting in buildings is a problem we must pay attention to. LED buried lights, underwater lights, emergency lights, courtyard lights, various identification lights, LED local light, LED line light source, LED point light source and so on, for urban landscape lighting add color play a great role. Especially the LED color is good, energy consumption is relatively small, relatively long life, low voltage safety, no pollution, anti shock shock resistance, small hidden, suitable for light bulbs to see lighting principle and so on, which provides an alternative for lighting use.

choose according to the features of LED. In the design, some buildings, gable, construction projects, such as the need for a larger area of light or show its structure of the place, we should carefully select LED, LED to compare whether there is the advantage of floodlight. In the need for wider beam angle and transmission distance, lighting places should also be careful with LED, to consider whether the current LED lamps can meet this requirement? The LED is suitable for the combination of the shapes of the transmission light or the glass curtain wall with small light sources or small light sources, and a commercial place, which needs dynamic change, rich colors and other places or carriers. If some architectural night scenes suitable for other light sources and LED cooperate with each other, it can bring out the advantages of LED. As some buildings need local lighting, but the lamp body too much effect on the day of building landscape, then you can cast light on the selection of LED small size, easy to conceal the advantages of other light source light does not have the. At present, there are some high-power LED projection lamp, but because of the radiator, the lamp is too heavy and is not suitable for building.

management and design of city landscape lighting should consider these factors. In the review of night design, the design of the strict review of the pass, the design can not give full play to the advantages of LED night plan, it is best not to use. In the implementation, the purchase of night with LED strict quality control, strict LED products purchase customs. The construction process of strict construction supervision system, which does not meet the requirements of construction and installation standards and must be corrected, to stop non-standard construction and installation behavior. After the completion of the construction, the acceptance system shall be strictly implemented, and acceptance shall be carried out according to the standards. In the LED night project put into use to establish the system with the corresponding operation and maintenance, maintenance personnel, make operation and maintenance and usually check record, once found, should be timely maintenance discharge, make use of the landscape lighting engineering LED always maintain the normal running state, keep the LED in landscape lighting reputation.

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