Newell: nine factors determining the price of LED lamps
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decided nine factors LED lamp price:

1, wavelength

selected emission wavelength consistent LED tube, will increase the cost of. Requiring color consistency, without the LED spectrophotometer, is difficult for screening, and the purchase of spectrophotometer will increase production costs.

2, LED chip

different chip, the price difference is very great. LED chips are common in Japan, the United States and Taiwan, as well as local manufacturers in china. The price of chips in Japan and America is higher.


brightness brightness is different, different prices. The core has high luminous efficiency, more than 100 lumens per watt, and the power is greater than 3 watts, the price is obviously higher than other performance specifications.

4, chip size

chip, chip substrate, good heat dissipation effect, bear power. The price is directly proportional to the size of the chip.

5, the leakage current

leakage current, tube of high energy consumption, short service life, low price.

6, antistatic ability

antistatic ability, led to breakdown. High antistatic ability, long service life, stable quality and high price.

7, life

working current is large, decay faster, shorter life. Long life and high price.


uses the light emitting angle of different angle is not the same. Special light angle, higher price. Full diffuse angle.


colloid colloid ordinary general epoxy resin, high-quality outdoor LED lamps, UV and fire, the price is not cheap.

summary: LED lighting market, lighting the variety, the quality is uneven, so when choosing the LED lamps and lanterns will be hesitant, do not know which is a good choice. Understand the above nine points determine the price of LED lighting factors, we can choose and buy one by one control, or you can ask the salesperson directly, to avoid the election in the election of inappropriate lamps.

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