Newell: what are the advantages of LED street lights?
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Guangdong Newell Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. is a LED mining lamp, LED lamp, LED ceiling lamps, LED panel lights, LED workshop lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED bulb, LED downlight products such as professional production and processing company, we always adhere to the quality to create the market, consolidate the brand reputation. Have a complete and scientific quality management system. Guangdong Newell Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. produced by the LED lamps, the quality of the market recognized, the brand has been praised.

following on from the small to introduce what are the advantages of LED lights, it can provide some reference for consumers:

1 light source power, LED lights at the time has arrived in 110-130lm/W, the space is still very great, can theoretically reach 250lm/W. However, the luminous power of high voltage sodium lamp increases with the increase of power. Therefore, the light efficiency of LED street lamp is stronger than that of high pressure sodium lamp, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

2, LED street light color is much higher than that of high pressure sodium lamp, high pressure sodium lamp color index generally only about 23, but the color index LED lamp can reach more than 75, that is to say, in equal brightness, illumination LED lamp uniformity can be reduced by more than 20% than the high pressure sodium lamp.

3, LED street light is very small, the data flash, it is a year of decline is less than 3%, to design LED lamps by power, can be much lower than the high pressure sodium lamp.

4, LED lamp using his long, compared with the traditional high pressure sodium lamp, can save a lot of cost, but also its unique energy automatic control equipment, save energy; more importantly, it does not contain harmful metal mercury, does not constitute any damage to the environment in the scrap.

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