What is the installation distance of LED industrial and mining lamps?
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At present, in many places, the use of LED mining lamp rate is very high, LED mining lamp has the advantages of convenient carrying, and the brightness is much higher than the ordinary lamp, the most important use of relatively long life, so is the first choice for many consumers.

here Xiaobian to tell everybody is, LED mining lamp installation, according to the space size and installation, such as the height of the space, the installation distance lamps are different. In order to fully exploit the lamp brightness, after numerous consumer, finally summed up the space height and the best location of installation space:

LED mining lamp 50W recommended installation height: 3M installation spacing: 10-15m

LED mining lamp 90W recommended installation height: 4m installation spacing: 15-20m

LED mining lamp 120W recommended installation height: 5m the installation distance: 15-18m

LED mining lamp 150W recommended installation height: 6m installation spacing: 18-22m

LED mining lamp 200W recommended installation height: 7m installation spacing: 20-23m

--+ --LED mining lamp 300W recommended installation height: 8m installation spacing: 23-25m

LED mining lamp 450W recommended installation height: 9m installation spacing: 25-30m

before installing the LED mining lamp, a little note the lamp and the driver must be installed in the open Position, easy heat dissipation in operation, ensure the service life of the lamp; also should pay attention to the regular power source for the light and driving of dust cleaning, avoid dust is too thick, to reduce heat dissipation function of the lamp, led to the reduction of the service life of the lamp.

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