The elimination of incandescent lamp countdown, LED ready to usurp
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Since the development and Reform Commission launched the “ China Daily elimination incandescent lamp route map ” in 2011, the LED lamp has risen vigorously, and has been hitting the position of the family leader of lamps and lanterns at all times.

out incandescent roadmap is mainly divided into five parts: from November 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012 for the transition period, October 1, 2012 to ban the import and sale of 100 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting, October 1, 2014 banned the import and sale of 60 watts and above ordinary incandescent lamps illuminate, from October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016 for the mid-term evaluation period, October 1, 2016 to ban the import and the sale of 15 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting, or as the mid-term evaluation results are adjusted. Since the roadmap was released, the fate of the incandescent lights has been changed. The

LED lamp is not easy to master, the development of a strong LED lamp, United would have been bound to the incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, high-pressure gas discharge lamps, fluorescent lamps, the LED lamps on the market, because the cost is expensive, so the price is expensive than other lamps, many. According to market share, LED lamps are clearly no advantage unless LED lamps can find ways to reduce costs. However, compared to other lamps, the future of LED lamps is bright, the current market point of view, we can say that the future is LED lights.

an important factor to promote the rapid development of LED in China is the policy support in China since the beginning of 2008, introduced a series of policies to promote energy-saving lighting industry, with energy-saving function of the industry to increase the support and the characteristics of LED lamps such, in contrast, these policies, the development of a tiger with wings added quickly to seize the high-end market. In 2012, the introduction of the financial promotion of the LED lighting industry of the Chinese financial government has added a big fire to the LED industry. It is predicted that in 2016, China's LED lighting market will reach 56 billion 400 million yuan, accounting for China's overall lighting market by 46%, almost half.

according to these data and previous government policy, in the future, LED lighting market share will be more rapid, the future of LED furniture lighting in this huge market, will attract more businesses to enter the LED lighting industry, attract more attention to dealers.

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