5 billion 400 million! IPhone7 double LED flash action will stimulate the market
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TrendForce LEDinside of State Science and technology industry's brand LED (LED Chinese online) the latest industry supply and demand of 2016~2021LED database , because Apple iPhone7/7Plus is equipped with a four LED flash, will have the opportunity to drive the other intelligent mobile phone brand manufacturers to follow up this specification. The new iPhone LED flash number doubled, the LED market will add new growth momentum. LEDinside predicts that LED flash market output will reach $744 million in 2016, an increase of 9% in, and flash LED market output will rise to $811 million in 2017.

since apple in 2013 after the introduction of double color LED flashes of high order mobile phone equipped with two different color temperature LED has become the market consensus. And Apple's iPhone7 series, once again launched with four LED flash module, so that the number of FlashLED use doubled. The four one LED flash can provide higher brightness and color fill, staged upgrade, the low light shooting effect is more excellent. It is expected to follow up with other smartphone brand manufacturers.

but because LED flash market enters the threshold is not low. Especially in the optical design, the center illumination is strong, the shape of the four sides is uniform, and the color rendering is high. In addition, the required thickness of the intelligent mobile phone is more and more thin, LED in a limited volume, to achieve adequate illumination intensity is a threshold.

LEDinside points out that LED vendors that can access LED flash supply chains are relatively limited. In particular, Apple's previous LED flash supplier, in the past to Lumileds based, the new generation of iPhone in order to meet the new specifications, but also the Japanese LED manufacturers into their supply chain. As for other Asian LED manufacturers, including Taiwan, China billion light on science, Chinese and crystal, Jufei, South Korea's Samsung LED also in LED flash market has a space for one person. The future needs to look at other smartphone brands' import plans. Once other mobile phone brand manufacturers also follow up, out of the four in one LED flash, will drive the LED flash market demand, as well as LED module unit price upgrade.

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