What are the technical problems that LED lighting needs to solve?
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At present, LED lighting market share gradually after 50%, but want to break 50% is not a very easy thing, LED lighting lamp relative to the other, the advantage is obvious, but this is not to exceed 50% LED lighting supply enough power to break through, to solve several problems of LED lamp high power LED temperature compensation, light uniformity, light, glare and stroboscopic effect, thermal management etc.. Today, Xiao Bian mainly refers to the temperature compensation and glare problems of high-power LED. Temperature compensation

high-power LED lights

high-power LED by constant current drive, but this is not the best design. Because the output current of the constant current driver does not change with temperature, when the environment temperature is LED (safety point temperature), the positive current will exceed the safety zone, which will make the life of LED is greatly reduced or even damage; the solution is to forward current should reduce the value of LED, effectively preventing LED temperature rising instead of maintaining a positive current constant, the technical problems, at present has not yet attracted enough attention.

is an effective solution, that is to increase the temperature compensation function of LED driver. The principle is the LED drive through the negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTCR) detection of LED at ambient temperature, if exceed the safe working temperature, will automatically decrease the output current, ensuring that the LED working in safe area; when the temperature is reduced to a safe area, LEn dynamic output current and the mule is automatically restored to normal value. Temperature compensation technology is of great importance to prevent LED overheating damage.

glare glare is due to excessive brightness or luminance change is too large, makes people feel dazzling and uncomfortable. Because the brightness of each white LED chip is very high, the luminous area is very small, similar to the point source, the well and it can not emit a complete and continuous visible spectrum like sunlight, so it is easy to produce glare. Although the use of frosted astigmatism lampshade can avoid glare, but will make the light intensity of the obvious decline. Using dimming technology can solve the above problems, that is, by monitoring the brightness of the external environment to adjust the intensity of the LED lights (or backlight), to achieve anti glare purposes.

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