The reason for the lack of LED drive power
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What is the LED driving power supply?

LED drive power to the power supply is converted to voltage and current to drive the LED specific light voltage converter, typically LED drive power input includes high voltage AC (i.e., electric), low voltage DC, high voltage DC and low frequency AC (electronic transformer output) etc.. However, most of the output of the LED drive power supply is a constant current source which can change the voltage with the change of the LED forward voltage drop. LED power core components include switching controllers, inductors, switching components (MOSfet), feedback resistors, input filters, output filters, and so on. According to the requirements of different occasions, there are input over-voltage protection circuit, input undervoltage protection circuit, LED open circuit protection, over-current protection circuit.

at present, what is the reason for LED drive power shortage? The production of LED lighting technical personnel and related products, the company

understanding of switching power supply is not enough, make the normal work, but some of the critical assessment and electromagnetic compatibility is not enough, there are still certain risks;

two, most of the LED power production enterprises are from the conventional switching power supply transformation do LED power supply, characteristics of LED and the use of knowledge is not enough;

three, currently on the LED standard almost no, mostly reference switching power supply and electronic rectifier standard; now most of the LED power supply is not uniform, so most are relatively small. The purchasing quantity is small, the price is high, but also do not cooperate with component suppliers; stability

four, LED power supply: wide input voltage, high temperature and low temperature, the problem of over temperature, overvoltage protection are not resolved.

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