LED smart lighting market development has been four major problems sniper
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“ intelligent lighting ” development for a long time, but because of our LED lighting industry is relatively chaotic, there is no set of unified and perfect standards, so the development is not so fast. Turn from the G20 summit, held at the G20 summit, show the wisdom of Qianjiang Century City street lighting system to the eight party guests, the scheme of how to lamp as the carrier, with big data, cloud computing, networking, geographic information, mobile Internet and other new generation of information technology as a driving force, to establish a set of intelligent the city, sustainable development model, showing the potential and Prospect of the great wisdom of the city to the world. The development of

“ smart lighting ” ushered in a turning point, input and support of the wisdom of the city plan and project technology of the global market scale will be from $8 billion in 2010 to more than $39 billion in 2016, the development of smart lighting “ ” injected a dose of inotropic agent.

but although the enterprise enthusiasm for the “ smart lighting ” is unprecedented, but want to achieve “ smart lighting ” true, also must solve four problems: one is to

cross-border integration, information island ” “ in embarrassment. Even the lighting industry, lighting for the LED itself, the lack of a set of perfect standard system, and smart lighting to attract more lighting, Home Furnishing, Internet companies and government departments to join, on smart lighting standards, more cut constantly tangled, there can not be through the barriers between the domestic various departments of information and the lack of sharing mechanism between each other, the situation is the bottleneck of the construction of smart city.

two is the imbalance between input and output, enterprise profitability difficult. The data show that the China in the wisdom of the city's investment has exceeded 500 billion yuan, expected future investment will rise to 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan, but the current domestic smart city construction method to solve the problem of funds is the main project of EMC and PPP mode, the core is to attract social capital to enter the government, to obtain funding, there are limitations some. At this stage, the enterprises involved in the smart city are mostly in the occupied market share, access to the user stage, because the profits can not cover the operating expenses of enterprises, so now the industry to achieve less profit.

three is out of touch with the actual needs of the product function, to poke in the user pain points. At present, home lighting is still the most basic dimming palette, and equipped with different forms of APP software, so that simple dimming becomes complicated. The APP life of the lack of increase, users of APP has gradually began to resent; and in the construction of smart city, as a smart street lamp base carrier, is also filled with a variety of all kinds of functions, but the real human intelligent control and energy saving in the above but can not achieve a breakthrough.

four is the lack of product quality assurance, the enterprise into a crisis of confidence. The current smart city construction, mainly through the EMC or PPP mode, and in particular the lighting industry in the field of smart lighting, most small and medium-sized enterprises, the lack of accumulation of technology and development of the product quality is not guaranteed. And this is also the most important part, from the current landing project, product quality can not meet expectations, has been a very serious problem. Other problems can be solved slowly, and once the quality problems arise, the enterprise may always be blocked from the door of intelligent lighting.

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