LED era, the survival of lighting brands
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The LED era, the lack of environment for the development of new

industry brand appeal is constantly changing, in the era of traditional lighting, lighting industry has developed to a mature stage, the market presents several independent brand pattern, several giant traditional lighting era has become ingrained in the minds of consumers lighting brand concept. After entering the era of LED lighting, emerging brands such as mushrooms have been pounding the market. Lighting industry is difficult to reshape the pattern, but there will be some changes, some new enterprises will come out, but the traditional lighting industry giants still have a leading position. At the same time, these lighting giants in the short term will not because of the arrival of LED, to change the overall layout.

today's LED lighting industry, along with the fierce market competition has entered a period of adjustment, LED lighting market demand remained stable growth momentum. Therefore, some people think that the most lack of enterprises in China is not the market, but the lack of enough appealing brands and products. The number of current brand appeal in the lighting application sector is still relatively small, so dealers and consumers in the choice between is relatively small, the entire lighting industry has characteristics of big industry, small businesses, less well-known brands. With the continuous development of the lighting industry, there are some medium-sized enterprises still have the potential to slowly develop into a leading brand, Pan Xiufang believe that the future of the entire market, optional, reliable brand will be more.

in fierce competition in the industry, with strong comprehensive strength and has a brand to support enterprises can be more calm in the face of market competition, brand advantage is self-evident, the brand awareness of enterprises will become a weapon based on the market. Building mass brands requires comprehensive capabilities, such as product capabilities, market capabilities, and, more importantly, the strength of capital. Public brands also need long-term accumulation, in addition to the most basic comprehensive strength, enterprises should also have long-term development, sustainable development concept.

survival of the fittest, enterprises should find their own rhythm

LED lighting industry recent negative news frequently, such as specialized LED filament lamps Zhongzhou photoelectric photoelectric delipow into bankruptcy, and triangle debt vortex; electricity providers specialize for a lighting capital chain fracture; special LED driving power supply manufacturers ruigu technology to collapse. This is a normal process of natural selection in the development and maturation of LED industry. Because the early expansion of the entire industry capacity is too fast, expanding to the real demand has been out of the market, this is a return phenomenon. Although the

lighting industry reshuffle news constantly, but the industry also came the day before some “ positive energy ”. It is reported that the combination of the successful acquisition of OSRAM Linsen light business, a time of multinational consortium, and a series of brand keywords to stimulate industry heat. After decades of development, many enterprises in China have gone beyond some foreign brands. The positive side is that the strength of domestic enterprises gradually increased, after their own development, you can have the strength to do the acquisition and expansion of their own scale of action. However, due to the enterprise mechanism, price competition and imperfect quality requirements, it may cause many foreign well-known brands to withdraw from China's lighting market. In the long run, it is not a particularly good phenomenon for the market.


China's lighting industry after 30 years of reform and opening up. The domestic and international market competition, China lighting industry has formed a certain scale. In the face of the current global economic situation is complex and changeable, enterprises only create new growth mode, a new idea of using variable structure in “ ” to layout, to reform, to achieve the ultimate goal, which ultimately support the brand strength.

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