LED market correction, 9 moon lamp prices steady
Date: 2016-10-07 13:59:17 Hits: 587

TrendForce's green energy division LEDinside latest price boom report pointed out that in September the global LED market has improved significantly, and the upstream chip prices stabilized, the terminal bulb prices steady.

LEDinside analyst Yu Bin said, from the September global LED bulb price, replace the 40 watt incandescent bulb LED price retail price fell 1.3%, to $9.3 (about 292 NT); replace the 60 watt incandescent lamp LED, the average retail price fell 0.9%, to $12.7 (about NT 398 yuan).

Yu Bin said that the September LED market correction, some manufacturers orders full, and because the price bottomed upstream material, make the ball bubble lamp price is steady, only GE in the planned exit Asian market background, its bulb products in September a larger drop in the prices is obvious in the continent China.

according to the LEDinside report, in Chinese, LED packaging, size 2835 product prices since last year after a huge decline, close to the cost line, September prices remained stable; in addition, the upstream chip manufacturers have raised the price of small power chip, the downstream product prices stabilized 2835.

LEDinside report pointed out that in September, LED packaging specifications 5630, product prices have remained stable; specifications EMC3030 products because some South Korean manufacturers to adjust prices, prices fell by about 0.9% in September.

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