Newell lighting: two big differences between LED panel light and flat panel lamp
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either led or flat panel light, light is a part of the decoration process can not be missing. Well, there are some differences in the range of application of LED panel light and flat panel lamp. What's the difference between a

LED panel light and a flat panel lamp? The

1 and LED panel lights range from ceilings, walls, and other counters. On the ceiling of the main function is similar and grille lamp, now in the life, in fact, LED panel lights have a trend to replace the grille, although not completely universal, but have been popular in various decoration company. There is also installed on the wall of the lamp, it also plays a kind of wall decoration of a rare role, is more beautiful room.

2 and flat panel lamps are suitable for lighting in living room, bedroom and corridor. These places do not need very bright light, and the light needed is more soft at most times, especially in the room with a baby, and the light is not too bright. It has a lot of advantages and is very applicable in the family. The living room is a combination of beauty and generosity, so choosing a flat light can save a little bit on the design of a home. The method of killing two birds with one stone is really hard to come by.

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