Newell lighting: advantages and disadvantages of LED rail lamps
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Speaking of LED

rail lamp, we are not unfamiliar, there is a collapse called LED track lights, or is a member of the LED track light. We often can

to see its shadow in the mall, car show, jewelry, clothing, brand hotels, upscale clubs, Bo relics exhibition hall, chain stores, brand business hall, professional window, counter and other key lighting places, love popular on various occasions.

all users of LED in order to deepen understanding of light guide, Xiaobian for everyone here to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of analysis of LED track lights, so that we better choice.

1, light source advantage; LED guide lamp light source is used in the market is more popular LED light source. The advantage of LED light source is that it is a cold light source. It has no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, pure color, high luminous efficiency, low frequency flash, energy saving and health. In today's era of “ environmental protection ”, non polluting lamps are one of the important reasons for consumers to like. Therefore, LED rail lamp in the light source to seize the market advantage.

2, energy-saving advantages; at present, the energy problem is never solved, so energy saving has become a subconscious, for energy-saving products, people are more enthusiastic. Similarly, the brightness of the LED guide light compared with other rail lamps, the LED rail lamp power consumption is only 40%-60% of the ordinary guide lamp, the power-saving effect can be seen.

3, service life advantages; LED lamps longer service life than other lamps, this has become a common sense in the market. The quality of the LED rail lamp life of up to 30 thousand hours, compared to ordinary gold halogen guide lamp 8 thousand hours long almost 4 times, and its service life difference is big, can see its advantages in service life.

4, high efficiency advantage; LED guide lamp uses LED as light source, electro-optical conversion rate is about 90%, little fever occurs. But the ordinary slideway lamp's electric light makeup conversion rate is less than half, can see the LED guide rail lamp highly effective.

said that although the advantages of LED rail lamp in the market is quite obvious, but it is perfect in every respect does not exist, LED track lights shortcomings is obviously in the market: that is the price. The price of the LED guide lamp is much more expensive than that of the ordinary guide lamp, so the popularity of the guide lamp is less than that of the ordinary guide lamp. A penny a point goods, since ancient times there is truth, want to buy quality goods, high pay is inevitable.

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