Newell lighting: three main points of attention when installing LED lamp belt
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The wiring method of

1 and LED lamp band,

LED lamp belt voltage is 12V DC, so it needs to use switch power supply, the power supply size according to the power of LED lamp belt and the length of connection. The wiring 5050 chip LED lamp monochrome belt is to distinguish between positive and negative, we provide general power plug welding, directly inserted to provide us with power above the lamp is good, if you do not want to take each LED lamp with a power to control, switching power supply can buy a relatively large power general the power supply, then put all LED light with all input power in parallel, unified by the general power switch.


LED controller is connected with RGB and marquee symphony of lights with the need to use the controller to achieve change effect, connection time. Symphony lights are generally common anode, which is above the lamp with a +12V the other is RGB three cathode anode, wiring and control of each controller is not the same as the distance, in general, simple controller for 10 control distance to 15 meters, distance control remote controller is 15 to 20 m, the longest can be controlled to a distance of 30 meters.

3, LED light belt connection distance

generally, LED lights with the connection of the longest distance is 20 meters, if beyond the connection distance, LED lamp belt is easy to heat, will affect the service life of the LED lamp with the use of the process. Therefore, the installation must be in accordance with the requirements of the installation of manufacturers, should not let the LED lights with overload operation.

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