Newell lighting: overview of LED explosion proof lamps
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due to LED is a solid cold light, has high photoelectric conversion efficiency and low calorific value, low power consumption, the working voltage is low voltage security, long life and other advantages, so it is of high power white LED explosion-proof lamp, particularly a portable explosion-proof lighting electric light source to the very reason.

LED explosion-proof lamp, which belongs to a kind of special electrical equipment industry, mainly to solve the problem of lighting, which comprises a lamp shell, the front end of the lampshade is arranged in the lamp housing is arranged in the shell, the internal battery, a luminous body and arranged on the shell surface of the switch, which is characterized in that the luminous body is a high power LED module, with wide voltage in between the luminous body and the battery input drive circuit; wide input voltage driving circuit comprises a constant current constant current chip, chip and battery power module, LED module connected to the constant current chip, power supply module and LED module encapsulation together between the lampshade and the lamp shell; ultrasonic welding. It uses the LED

characteristics of low calorific value, intrinsically safe explosion-proof grade, and long battery life of LED light source; constant brightness in full charge and discharge at the end of LED; cooling device is arranged in the lamp body, the effective heat dissipation can be achieved LED module, ensure the stability, suitable for coal, petroleum, railway, flood lighting and other industries.

LED explosion-proof lamp which is a very important principle is to limit the explosion of explosive gas, explosive dust contact surface of the shell, the surface of parts or components in surface temperature and limit the electrical contact surface temperature is lower than the minimum ignition temperature and ignition temperature.

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