LED fluorescent lamp power supply two categories, you know?
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The power supply of

LED fluorescent lamp is divided into two types: built-in type and external type. The so-called built-in type means that the power supply can be placed inside the tube. The biggest advantage of this built-in system is that it can be made to replace the existing fluorescent tube directly without any circuit changes. So the built-in shapes are made of growth bars to fit into the semicircle of the tube.

1. non isolated constant current power: non isolation is the direct connection between the load end and the input end, so the risk of electric shock is reached when touching the load. The advantages of the non isolated constant current source are simple circuit design and low manufacturing cost. The disadvantage is that the AC power supply will be introduced to the load side, thereby causing the risk of electric shock.

2. isolated constant current power: isolated type refers to the isolated transformer isolation at the input and output terminals. But both can isolate input and output. The advantage of isolated constant current source is the complex circuit design and the risk of electric shock. The disadvantage is that the power efficiency will be reduced, the manufacturing costs are high, the volume is relatively large, put into the T10 tube can also, but put into the T8 tube is more tense.

3. centralized external power supply: in order to achieve the highest performance, it is best to use centralized external power supply. Because the main place of the promotion of LED fluorescent lamp is the government organs, schools, offices, shopping malls, underground parking, subway and other places, often a room with more than one fluorescent lamp, may be more than 10. A centralized external power supply should be used at this time. The so-called centralized refers to the use of a high-power AC/DC switching power supply, unified power supply, and each fluorescent lamp uses a separate DC/DC constant current module. This allows for maximum efficiency and maximum power factor. The advantages of centralized power supply are obvious. It is also an isolated power source, and it is easy to implement various dimming schemes.

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