Why did you choose LED explosion proof lamp? You'll know when you finish reading
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LED explosion proof lamp is used more and more widely in our life. The biggest difference between LED explosion-proof lamps and other explosion-proof lamps is that the light source uses a LED light source. LED explosion-proof lamp is the most energy-saving explosion-proof lamps, widely used in oil fields - power plants - chemical plants - oil - force. Why can

LED explosion-proof lamp be the first choice for consumers?

1, safety performance: has met the national authorities explosion-proof standards, in full accordance with the national standard for explosion-proof production. It has excellent explosion proof and antistatic performance. It can work safely in all kinds of flammable and explosive places.

2, energy saving performance: LED light source, low energy consumption, high light efficiency, power consumption is only the same luminous flux. 20%. of incandescent lamp breaks through the defects of low luminous efficiency of traditional tungsten filament, and has the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency.

3, environmental protection performance: white light LED, soft light, no glare, does not cause visual fatigue of workers eyes. Good electromagnetic compatibility will not cause pollution to the power supply.

4, work performance: shell transparent parts using high hardness tempered glass, high light transmittance, good impact resistance, can make lamps work in a variety of harsh environments.

5, easy to use: unique LDO drive circuit, to ensure that the LED module 100 thousand hours of work life. The user-friendly product design, the customer may select the suitable work voltage according to the different illumination place. According to the needs of the choice of suction ceiling, wall hanging, street light pole type cable, indirect introduction, and other installation methods.

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