Double eleven approaching, the global LED bulb prices show a downward trend
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TrendForce LEDinside of State Science and technology industry's brand LED (LED online) the latest price report pointed out that due to the “ ” double eleven Shopping Festival approaching, part of the brand promotion in advance, China LED bulb price fell significantly, making the global LED bulb price over two months of steady trend, began to decline.

LEDinside analyst Yu Bin said that in October the global replaced 40 watt incandescent bulb LED retail price fell 0.6% to $9.2; to replace 60 watt incandescent bulb LED, retail price fell 0.6% to $12.6.

chip price stability, China LED package

China LED package price steady, due to the September LED market, stock prices so that the other part of the chip, chip prices remained stable so far. The whole Chinese LED package prices held steady in October, 2835 and 5630 months of product prices do not change greatly.

however, EMC3030 product prices still continued to decline, decline of 0.9% in October, mainly due to the price of its international manufacturers. Yu Bin pointed out that, more and more Chinese manufacturers into the EMC3030 field, fierce competition makes international manufacturers product prices gradually decline.

Chinese Festival Promotion vigorously, the price rose contrarian

replaced 40 Watt, Chinese area prices showed 2.9% of the decline, some manufacturers double eleven Festival Promotion, such as the FSL 7 watt bulb 475 lumens, priced at only $0.78, a decline of more than 5. Japan also showed a 1.5% decline in prices, some manufacturers markdowns, such as Toshiba 4.9 watt 480 lumens bulb, the price dropped to $6.32, a decrease of 4.6%. The United States in October prices bucked the trend, or 1.8%, mainly due to CREE, PHILPS and other manufacturers, some products end promotion, price callback. Such as Cree6 watt 465 lumens bulb, the price rebounded to $5.55, or 21%. Prices are more flat in Europe and elsewhere in asia.

replaced 60 watt, Chinese prices fell 2.2%, some products fell significantly, such as GE8 watts 800 lumens bulb price to $6.72. In addition, German prices showed a 1.1% decline, while Japan's price showed a 0.8% decline. Prices in the United States have risen by 1.5%, and some of the products have returned to normal as a result of promotions. Such as PHILPS 8.5 Watt, 800 lumens bulb, 6, the price rose to 29.99 U. s.dollars, or up to 58%. Prices remained stable in other regions.

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