Interior decoration, selection of LED lighting benefits
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in the lighting market, incandescent exit, lead people to be more welcome to the LED lamp, now many users, in the decoration of the new house, will choose LED lamps. LED lighting for interior decoration, the benefits are more obvious.

1.LED lights are more energy efficient and less thermal than traditional light bulbs, and they don't even feel stuffy even if they turn on the lights indoors in the summer.

2. general fluorescent lamp with ultraviolet radiation, long time exposure will make the skin black, aging, and easy to cause mosquitoes gathered, LED lights are no such problems.

3. good quality LED lamps will be painted by a good fluorescent agent, the blue light in the filter completely filtered out, long-term use of the eyes more secure. The stability of

4.LED lamp is high, is not easy to happen as the traditional light bulb, light shine or light color change etc..

5. due to the traditional lamp parts, often a small part of fault must be a change, the average life span of each bulb is only one to two years; the LED lamp under the condition of normal use, a light bulb can be used for five to six years, compared with the traditional light bulb is more durable.

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