"13th Five-Year" development plan of LED lighting industry is expected to release years ago
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In November 15th, the thirteenth China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum (SSLCHINA2016) was opened in Beijing. Learned from the conference, “ 13th Five-Year, ”LED lighting industry development plan is expected to be released before the end of the year.

“ a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution is creating new opportunities for the development of history, environment and conditions at home and abroad are undergoing profound changes, the industry development is also facing the new situation, the semiconductor lighting stand to a new historical starting point. The ” conference of Chinese President, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology Cao Jianlin said at the opening ceremony, facing the new situation and new challenges, the semiconductor lighting industry will continue to keep pace with the times, to promote China's manufacturing power forward from the lighting lighting industry, and promote cross-border innovation, integration and development, make the third generation semiconductor has become the new focus of innovation and industrial development, at the same time to continue to uphold the open mind, embrace change, to strengthen international cooperation.

since 12th Five-Year, the country through strengthening macro guidance, improve policies and standards, measures for the implementation of energy-saving products Huimin engineering, energy-saving products in government procurement, more efficient lighting products promotion, green lighting industry China transformation effect significantly.

according to estimates, in 2020 the overall China semiconductor lighting industry output will reach 1 trillion yuan, the market share of LED lighting products can reach about 60%. As of 2015, the domestic market share of LED lighting products has risen to more than 30%. Director of the national development and Reform Commission

ring division any tree of the said “ ” in 13th Five-Year is a crucial period for China's semiconductor lighting industry development, the next step will strengthen top-level design, promote the core technology and high-end product development and industrialization, guide enterprises to carry out international cooperation in production of LED lighting, lighting and promote qualified enterprises to actively explore foreign the market, driven by domestic LED products and technologies to go out. Any tree of the

said at the meeting, “ 13th Five-Year ”LED lighting industry development plan has been drafted is seeking opinions from the relevant departments, for the year before release. The plan defines the development goals, major tasks and key projects, and will further optimize and perfect the market environment and policy environment of LED lighting industry, and guide the healthy development of LED lighting industry.

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