LED the best service for factories, mines and lamps is to do no after-sales service
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The rapid development of LED lamps has led to the rise of LED industrial and mining lights, and the large and small manufacturers have risen rapidly, especially after the upcoming stage of incandescent lamps.

now most LED mining lamp manufacturers are doing direct marketing, in order to promote the sale of products, and customer commitment will often give a few years a few years for the new quality, customer service service etc.. But these after-sales service, users often can not use, why? The ever-changing market economy, the strength of small manufacturers is not enough, the competitiveness of low, unable to withstand the impact of the economic downturn, after one or two years, perhaps there will be No. The so-called after-sales service has become a mirror flower, water in the month.

LED mining lamp manufacturers do not have the best service, customer service service is

now customer service service has changed the taste, is not the first customer service service. What is the role of after-sales service? One is to give the user a guarantee, let the user purchase; two is to collect customer response, understand the shortcomings of the product, and then improve; three is to operate the manufacturer brand, reputation. But now, many manufacturers on after-sales service attitude is not pay attention to, ignore, put forward after-sales service to consumers, use “ drag ” words. After-sales service has gradually become a flicker of consumer “ excuse ”. What is the real effect of

customer service service? The real role of after-sales service is to make consumers no longer need after-sales service. Manufacturers the best service is to allow consumers without “ excuse ” proposed after-sales service, this is the fundamental, rather than the current use of “, ignore ”, but in sales, is promised after-sales service.

a manufacturer, to develop and grow, while there must be loyal users, users are manufacturers of all. “ users to do a good job of after-sales service, ”, every factory needs attention. Because each time after the emergence of after-sales service, it shows that the manufacturer's products, as well as defects, need to be improved, this is also an effective means of manufacturers to maintain competitiveness. For ” manufacturers who ignore the “ after-sales service, the future users can only become less and less, and the manufacturers' competitiveness will be lower and lower until the market is eliminated. The importance of customer service service “ ”, “ ” is committed to customer service service so that consumers no excuse “ ” proposed “ ” customer service service, this is the real customer service service, which is beneficial to manufacturers and users. Manufacturers have won the loyalty of users, users have access to quality products, win-win results, is the best result.

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