Three wire navigation light facelift LED? Stop the British Maritime bureau!
Date: 2015-09-17 11:10:30 Hits: 966

The British Maritime and coastal rescue Agency (MCA) recently issued a notice requiring ships and ships not to change their traditional tricolor tungsten filament navigation lights into white LED lights. If the

navigation lights LED lights change color, may cause the insurance company shall not issue insurance. According to the Institute's standards and technical services team (RATS), the embedded color light bulb is designed for use in filament bulbs and is not suitable for use with LED light bulbs. Therefore, accidents may result in non payment of the insurance.

white LED cannot make the desired wavelength in the correct light red and green, and because of this, the light does not conform to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations. In addition

, using a single vertical filament of tungsten lamp as light source, light bulb LED angle more than 2 degrees of restrictions between color navigation lights. The ship's front collar, for other ships, can become difficult to discern from a distant sea level, and overlapping lights can create strange colors.

however, this issue does not affect the design of navigation lights installed LED bulb. The British Maritime and coastal rescue service has issued a corresponding regulatory bulletin to highlight the above issues and warn shipowners not to change the white LED bulb on the traditional tungsten navigation lamp holder. Sailing Association norms and technical service team in September 11th has been in Southampton boat exhibition display, navigation lights installed white LED light bulbs to the site.

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