Ten characteristics of the development of LED display market in China
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Zhongguancun online news, according to data show that in recent years, China's LED display market scale has continued to grow. In 2013, China's LED showed that the application industry market totaled 27 billion yuan. In 2014, benefiting from the development of products and small spacing advertising media market, the national LED display applications industry market size of 2013 compared to the year of new growth, the annual market volume reached 30 billion yuan, an increase of 10-15%. This LED shows the development process of application industry, China's LED industry development and application show the following characteristics: the overall development of

1 industry, has reached the level of scale, the key technology of product development is relatively mature, the product quality and reliability in general have been significantly improved, specialization and cooperation within the industry initially formed the product, market demand and expanding application areas.

2, the influential brands in the industry grew rapidly, forming a number of large-scale backbone enterprises, with a strong comprehensive strength. In the international market competition, large display systems engineering, undertake the implementation of the ability to improve significantly, and domestic LED display application enterprises in major projects and key projects in the performance of outstanding. The development of upstream industry of

3 and LED will promote the development of display application industry. Technological innovation in the industry downstream active, positive interaction between the LED industry chain, promotion and application of new products, new technology rapidly, the overall industry product development capabilities continue to strengthen, to adapt to the development of technology, technical support and technical application demand guarantee ability. In the traditional

4, LED large screen display technology and products based on the application of LED display technology products continues to expand, the development of LED chip material, IC, drive control based on the technology, many enterprises in the industry formed a certain technical base and production engineering based on LED comprehensive application of semiconductor lighting, lighting engineering, lighting etc.. The trend of standardization and intensification of

5 industry development is obvious. LED shows the application industry association actively promote product technology exchanges and standardization work, through the implementation of product technology standards, product technology testing and other means to promote the standardization of industry technology products. Standardization and standardization have promoted the upgrading of the industrial level, and the accumulation effect of the industrial layout has been reflected, such as the concentration of large-scale enterprises in the Shenzhen region.

6, although the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games promotes the development of industry obviously, we should objectively and rationally recognize the pulling factors of the Olympic Games in industrial growth in 2008. On the one hand, directly drive the activity of large-scale industry has a strong timeliness, but persistence is not strong, the development of the Olympic games industry to seek new growth points; on the other hand, the Olympic Games has created a rare opportunity for development for the industry, how to make the LED display applications continue to flourish, to promote the industry promotion and sustainable development, the industry should pay more and more attention. In 2008,

7 enterprises within the industry by the United States “337 survey ” event, we should attach importance to the protection of intellectual property, we in the process of moving toward the international market, the development of the emerging domestic LED market, should strengthen the measures of non-tariff barriers to trade knowledge, master the necessary means to prevent and protect the development of the industry.

8, should pay attention to the global international financial crisis on the impact on the future development of LED display applications industry, have a negative impact on direct financial crisis on banks, advertising media and other areas of the market demand, the international market demand will decline, and the crisis of the cold winter when the end is still difficult. Facing the international financial crisis, the Chinese government has actively introduced policies to stimulate domestic demand and increased investment in infrastructure construction, which has brought many new opportunities. Enterprises in the industry should actively focus on changes in the market, timely adjustment of products and marketing strategies to cope with the crisis, and maintain the steady development of enterprises.

9, LED display applications industry has great potential for future development, state and local governments on the development and application of LED display industry should actively give policy support from the strategic height, to encourage technological innovation, support the development of SMEs, enterprise project financing, construction project management standards, technical supervision, formulating a scientific, objective and specific policies conducive to industrial development.

10, LED display application of enterprise to strengthen the enterprise to enhance the comprehensive quality of the existing technology and products, based on strengthening the core competitiveness, to the innovation and development of rich industries, and actively explore the enterprise restructuring and the effective use of the capital market, and constantly improve the long-term development of enterprises.

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