LED street lamp design and application market is very popular
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High power white LED lighting products from entering the city and rural road lighting applications market so far, there have been more than 6 years of history, with the globalization of “ energy-saving emission reduction and low carbon economy ” trend, and our strong support of national policy, the local government departments attach great importance to the application of LED street lamp, LED road lighting there are more market opportunities, and lighting all the more and more domestic manufacturers and enterprises have a variety of optoelectronic products market, a time the country road lighting LED talk, lively abnormal.

however, design and application of down, currently in the LED street lamp has real application effect and expected good economic benefits of the project, but scanty, and even can be said that almost no one user satisfactory to the practical application effect of the product, nor a R & D manufacturer or lighting engineering company achieved good economic benefit and market performance in LED products, while the local street management because of high maintenance cost blindly promotion department mature LED street lamp products caused serious psychological resistance, the high power LED lamp can not really form a healthy development of the market, is still “ praised the state of ”, or even a serious blow a lot of enterprises and industry practitioners confidence. Reasons for the formation of

above phenomenon, apart from economic cost factors, the overall quality and reliability is the most important product caused by the use of good results, maintenance and replacement costs are high, and even affect the image of the project, to have a lot of economic ability is willing to promote the use of new products to customers, have a kind of feeling deceived, and thus lose confidence on LED lighting products, from support to resistance, eventually give up. The products of poor quality and reliability reasons, mainly in the following points:

1, most LED manufacturers are not engaged in the study of optoelectronic products professional enterprise but extends changed from traditional lighting industry, and these two products from the performance to the application is essentially different in nature, but the manufacturers do not have these laws, the products do not meet the characteristics of LED photoelectric products, resulting in a waste of resources and serious damage to the product; the most fundamental problem

2, LED influence the life of the light source and the damage rate, heat dissipation and make balance are not well resolved, or focus on the solution of mechanical structure of radiation, while ignoring the characteristics of many LED problems;

3, the optical characteristics of application of LED light source is simple, so that the final lighting products to meet the most basic road lighting and illumination are And degree requirements, which pose problems for users and street light management. (source: Chinese building materials network)

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