LED enterprises how to grasp the "product effect harmony" spring breeze?
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With the development of mobile Internet, brand marketing is experiencing an unprecedented change. Under the situation of numerous media and highly dispersed consumers, the traditional brand marketing is getting worse and worse. Advertisers have to start to rethink and establish a brand model of communication, with a view to changing the new era, establish a unique brand image, thus the fierce competition in the tight encirclement.

in the pan media era, to the enterprise, the choice of transmission channels can have a lot of looks. However, this situation also greatly distract the attention of users, but through the refinement of the formation of brand has become very difficult, but to brand into terminal consumption and profit is more difficult.

in today's society is the era of information fast, one day a small change, three, a big change, then don't 3 when regard with special esteem. The LED technology products, also rely on a guest account mouth, and accumulated to new customers, products may have missed the golden period of the market, has been scrapped, enterprises can create value with the past has been unable to now, “ you are king today, tomorrow is my extreme ” is a common phenomenon. In particular, the current development of the industry is in the innovation of the reshuffle, 2016 LED industry gradually from the bottom to rebound in 2017, LED industry market is still severe, although the overall growth, but the market oversupply situation will continue, but in many enterprises can stand out, even a foothold, the formation of the brand very important, and the success of the brand to gain market recognition is the key point of the enterprise.

product effect one, is becoming a hot topic in the digital marketing industry. Effect marketing, as the name suggests, the customer mainly depends on the effect of advertising, and every penny that is put into it must bring some specific and measurable effect. The most direct is the product sale. Brand marketing, customers are more emphasis on the concept of brand through advertising, as well as the long-term value of this concept to enterprises in the future. Marketing and brand marketing effect, and these two quite distinct from each other is closely related to the marketing strategy is to achieve confluence in the era of big data: digital marketing both short-term and long-term accumulation of brand.

marketing industry believes that, whether it is or the effect of brand marketing, will eventually be returned to the origin of marketing, back to the consumer as the center, with consumer awareness, consumer experience as the center of the path. In other words, the effectiveness of the new era of marketing, consumer awareness and identification of multi-dimensional, and then targeted precision marketing, will become the key to eliminating the fragmented state.

indeed, return to the nature of the consumer as the core carrier of exchange interaction has become the one and only their intentions and products. As the tide of cool and mentos mints propaganda made the phone interface interaction. When the audience to participate in activities, will receive Zhang Yixing video invitation, upload your photos, you can and Zhang Yixing “ video ”, the entire interface to restore the real video process. During the “ video ”, Zhang Yixing would ask “ how you want me to be nice, ”, “, ”, or “, soft ”, these two buttons to choose from, different screen options. It is precisely because of this interaction, the consumer experience is quite different: a portrait of the picture, will feel that they are video chat is how to take control of their own; Zhang Yixing, many consumers will really feel in a conversation with Zhang Yixing, in addition to upload screenshots to social networks, let consumers fun at the same time, also satisfy the vanity. The upsurge generated by this activity goes far beyond the single print publicity effect.

is always one of the brand and effect, product effect one is rigid demand. For LED enterprises, brand integration and effect, in accelerating the speed of product updates today, first started the brand, to achieve profitability, it can mean that can maximize the coverage to the maximum size of the target user can quickly lead users to consumer, through social channels will be crafting the precise content of investment in the critical period, influence the user decision, and ultimately the formation of profits and fans economy. And enterprises in the era of interconnection can seize the commanding heights of the development of the industry.

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