Three tips for LED companies to boost sales
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LED lamps market increasingly fierce competition now, no matter which industry, in the store passenger flow has certain guarantee, “ turnover rate ” has become the key to determine the store performance level. At present, the lighting industry, as consumer purchasing habits change, in the purchase of more and more channels, the chance of a one-time turnover is getting lower and lower. Then, how to increase sales volume becomes an urgent problem for LED enterprises.

LED enterprises to enhance sales of three small tricks,

1, store atmosphere layout. The layout of a good store atmosphere will enable consumers to take care of purchases, such as promotions, ambience, store music, special snacks, etc.. The most important purpose of the atmosphere arrangement is to allow consumers to stay longer, which gives the shopping guide and store manager to further introduce the product opportunities, and further deeper understanding of the advantages of products and brands.

2, presents exquisite small gift. The psychology that occupies petty advantage is everybody exists, make full use of this psychology of consumer, attract consumer, arouse the desire of consumer to buy. So in the lighting store to prepare some exquisite small gifts, VIP card, when consumers see favorite products in terms of price stalemate situation, these small gifts are handy, become the last straw, a deal.

3, speak with facts. Now, consumers are more rational, they will not because of “ ” products and guide as if it were raining flowers immediately purchase orders. Therefore, the facts need to be corroborated, if the shopping guide said every sentence has physical evidence to prove that what is said is correct, professional, then the consumer's desire to buy will increase a lot. This method is called “ evidence sales act, ”, although tedious, but often the most effective.

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