Tunnel lighting changes, changes from the torch to the LED tunnel lamp
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As one of the human traffic modes, the tunnel is an underground space composed of a semi enclosed structure. Because of its special structure, the tunnel can not direct sunlight, lighting during the day also need. Lighting system is one of the most important facilities in modern tunnel engineering, and the lighting system is in a long-term state when it is put into use. The origin of

tunnel can be traced back to the spring and Autumn period, the Qin was the world's first man-made Baoxie road tunnel “ ”. Historical records have cloud: “ road Trinidad, Tung Shuhan, so that the world is afraid of qin. ” tunnel lighting at that time was made with torches, very simple and very inconvenient. In modern time, with the development of industrialization, the tunnel traffic gradually increased, tunnel lighting is developing gradually. In the middle of nineteenth Century, tunnel lighting kerosene, gas lamps, until the end of nineteenth Century, and gradually applied to the tunnel lighting lamp.

simple tunnel lighting

era in the last century at the beginning of 90s, China's little tunnel tunnel lighting facilities, not to mention, the highway tunnel is mostly no lighting or just hanging a few street lights, lighting quality is very low, the tunnel lighting to meet the lighting needs only stay in simple.

at present, with the continuous innovation of technology, development of tunnel lighting industry has made great progress. Even in the simple lighting era, the tunnel lighting source has undergone the development process from incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, high pressure mercury lamp, low pressure sodium lamp and high pressure sodium lamp. The light source of tunnel illumination breaks through in aspects of light efficiency, luminous flux, life, light color and color rendering, thus creating a better tunnel lighting environment. Since

intelligent tunnel lighting

era in twenty-first Century, the development of LED lighting technology is becoming more and more strong, LED lighting gradually occupy most of the market of tunnel lighting. LED light source with high luminous efficiency, color characteristics coefficient is high, long service life, high efficiency, low power consumption, and LED tunnel lamp dimming function is perfect, can be changed at any time according to the tunnel lighting level of day and night and the volume of traffic and other factors, through the integration of WiFi and ZigBee network technology, LED lighting ushered in the era of intelligent lighting for tunnel lighting.

intelligent lighting control system for tunnel lighting needs in addition to according to the different sections of the tunnel, the illumination distribution, but also supports a variety of intelligent dimming methods, such as: the lights as the tunnel lighting brightness near the entrance and exit of the lamp should be more close to normal outdoor light from both ends to the middle, gradually decreasing. In order to reduce the effect of ” “ black hole, white hole, improve traffic safety; while according to the time, season, weather and automatically adjust the brightness to the appropriate location of the lighting system, built in different scene modes, to realize the intelligent management, to ensure traffic safety.

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