How to improve the heat dissipation function of LED mining lamp
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LED industrial and mining lamp life, a large part depends on the cooling function of the lamp, the heat dissipation function is also one of the obstacles to the popularization of LED industrial and mining lamps. To improve the service life of the lamp, improve the heat dissipation function is required, so how to improve the heat dissipation function?

1, reducing the thermal resistance of LED devices, the new structure and new technology of packaging, selection of heat conductivity, good heat resistance of new materials, including metal materials, mixing glue adhesion between the fluorescent powder, the thermal resistance of &le /W 10 degrees or less.

2, reduce the temperature rise, as far as possible the use of thermal conductivity of good heat dissipation materials, in the design requires better ventilation duct, so as to remove the waste heat as soon as possible, requiring the temperature should be less than 30 degrees. In addition, improving the heat dissipation level of modular lamps should be put on the agenda.

3, from the LED chip, to take a new structure, new technology, to improve the LED chip junction temperature heat resistance, and other materials of heat resistance, so that the cooling conditions are reduced.

4, a lot of heat dissipation, the effect is very good, such as the use of heat pipes. However, the use of thermal pipes, will lead to an increase in production costs, cost increases, the price will naturally increase, the price is too high, but also limit the number of consumers. Therefore, in the promotion of the cooling function of the lamp, it is necessary to consider its cost performance, if can achieve the production cost is not high, the heat dissipation function has good effect, that is the best.

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