Why can LED lights replace incandescent lamps?
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LED lighting fixtures, also known as LED energy-saving lamps, because of its stability, efficiency, low energy consumption characteristics, also known as “ longevity lamp ”. After the incandescent light gradually withdrew from the stage, the LED lighting replaced the incandescent wand, ahead of the lighting market. Why can the

LED lighting lamp instead of incandescent lamp become the first place in the lamp market?

1, LED lamp, high stability, strong shock resistance

LED general lighting use epoxy resin to seal the deal, compared to traditional lighting more solid, traditional lighting is very easy to damage during transport, and the LED lamp then do not worry about transportation problem.

2, LED lamp, high energy conversion efficiency, low heat consumption, long service life

white LED is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps 1/4. The effective energy conversion ratio of a LED luminaire is as high as 90%, and only 10% of the electricity is converted to heat. And conventional lights have up to 70% energy into heat. The high energy consumption ratio makes the LED lamp heating very low. Its service life is generally 10 times the traditional light source, suitable for long-term use. The improvement of energy conversion rate enables users to save energy and save electricity.

3, LED green lighting

traditional lighting lamps containing mercury gas, once broken, harmful gas will be discharged into the atmosphere, causing pollution to the environment, and the LED lamps do not contain toxic substances, LED lamps can also waste recycling, green environmental protection.

4, LED lights without ultraviolet light, will not attract mosquitoes,

LED energy-saving lamps will not produce ultraviolet light during use, we no longer have to worry about the summer, a lot of mosquitoes around the lamp. The use of LED energy saving lantern will make the room more clean and comfortable.

5 and LED lighting is softer and more comfortable. It can protect the eyesight.

LED energy-saving lamps usually use DC to drive light, so they won't produce stroboscopic phenomenon. The traditional lighting will produce about 100 of the strobe per second, long-term use will hurt the eyes, affecting vision. LED lighting fixtures do not produce any sound during use, and are more suitable for use in quiet places such as libraries and offices.

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