LED industrial and mining lamp range of use and installation notes
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With the rise of LED lamps, LED mining lights have also been widely used, LED mining lights because of no dust, no mosquito interference, eliminating the trouble of frequent cleaning, so many manufacturers love. The main use of

LED mining lamp is the warehouse, supermarket, large workshop, steel plant, shipyard, aircraft manufacturing factory, large machinery factory, metal workshop, warehouse, highway toll stations, gas station, supermarket, exhibition hall, gymnasium, car waiting room, waiting hall and other places need high space lighting train station.

wide use range, service life long, has the energy saving effect, being loved is also purely natural.

but LED mining lamp when installed, need to pay special attention to details, to prevent the lamp for details lead to loss of life. When installing the LED mining lamp, the lamp and the driving power supply need to be installed in the open place, not conducive to heat radiation damage for adverse lighting; lamps, require regular maintenance, one is to ensure that the lamp brightness, two is to ensure that the cooling performance of lamps.

when installed, the interval factors must also be considered. The lamp according to different brightness, need interval is also different, generally each lamps, should be 4 to 6 meters apart, maintain a certain interval, the lamp brightness can be fully utilized to reduce the cost.

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