LED industrial and mining lights, the four major functions, to lay its industry position
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LED industrial and mining lamps are more and more widely used, warehouses, large workshops, warehouses, stadiums and so on, which occupies an unquestionable position in the LED lighting industry. What function has laid the position of LED industrial and mining lamps in the lamp market? The brightness of

1, LED mining lamp can only intelligent control, can be in different time, the lights adjusted to different modes, such as “ ”, “ day mode, night mode ” “ ” “ winter summer mode, ” mode, thus, can greatly improve the effect of energy saving lamps.

2, under different seasons and temperatures, can adjust the color temperature according to people's sensory needs, so as to improve the comfort degree of human senses. Such as spring, autumn and winter, the color temperature of the lamp can be adjusted to 3500K of warm white light; in summer, the color temperature of the lamp can be adjusted to 4000K white light.

3, energy saving, high light utilization, high luminous efficiency: a lamp can be used as three ordinary monochromatic temperature LED lamps. The utility model not only improves the light efficiency by 10%, but also prolongs the service life of the lamp more than one time, and the intelligent light regulation is more energy saving.

4, plant use this lamp, the light brightness uniformity parameters, illumination uniformity, energy saving rate, depreciation and other mining lamps are better than ordinary national standards.

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