Four major factors determining the price of LED solar street lamps
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Since the LED solar streetlight available, its high price has become the focus of attention, although the solar LED is a high-tech product, its cost is enough, so the sale of expensive furniture but also behoove, we have realized that the solar lights are expensive, but do not know what caused the lamp because, in this small series is so expensive? And you talk about. The first is

solar panels cost. The cost of the battery board is relatively high, and the cost of only one battery board is half the cost of the whole solar street lamp. It is the most expensive part of the solar energy lamp. In order to increase the popularity of solar energy lamps, many solar street lamp manufacturers are now studying new technologies to reduce the cost of the battery board, and believe that with the current technology, this obstacle will soon be overcome. The second is the cost of

battery: the battery as the solar street lamp accessories in second high priced, occupy the whole lamp cost 1/3. Mainly the quality of the battery will have a direct impact on the length of the lighting time. Therefore, we choose solar energy street lamps, we must choose the best quality battery. The last is

solar street lamp bracket and installation costs: this aspect of the cost, no clear regulations is required in accordance with the actual situation to decide, according to the installation location, installation and decision costs, so the cost fluctuation of this one is relatively large.

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