The trend of intelligent display of LED is becoming more and more obvious
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In recent years, with the emergence of new technologies in networking, mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, wireless communication, artificial intelligence, interconnection technology has provided great impetus for the development of all walks of life, imperceptibly influenced people's work style and thinking habits, but also to promote the development of strategic innovation in all walks of life.

now, many LED companies have a keen insight into the opportunities aware of development of interconnection technology for the entire industry to promote the role of homeopathy to adjust the development strategy of the enterprise in the enterprise, brand, product, market and other aspects of how to intelligent instrumentation, re layout, launched a new product LED display and wisdom ecosystem combination this, also let the LED display industry entered the bottleneck period provides new energy, full of new vitality. Because the LED

wisdom display is widely used in the construction of Intelligent City, so also known as the LED smart city terminal. LED smart city terminal based on the LED display of the original, but in the application of the technology, product form, scope of application, product features, business model and other aspects, and has the original screen has many different, its outstanding characteristic is wisdom and instrumentation.

below, we compared to LED smart city terminal and ordinary LED large screen what technical breakthrough compared?

a unit, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection

LED large screen due to the installation place and the best viewing distance of different spacing, ranging from P5 to P37.5, the bigger screen, the greater the power. Early installed screen, because the product power-saving technology is not mature, more power consumption.

LED smart city terminal can realize the finalization, standardization and mass production, due to appear in a more mature industry environment, can use the latest display, power saving and induction unit adjustment technology, lower power consumption, and according to the ambient light automatically adjust the brightness, the overall energy saving. LED large screen

two, stereo spread effect

traditional is an isolated media management, only through the synchronous and asynchronous way to control a single screen, the audience can only watch the broadcast content on a single screen, can only reach the point of communication effect. LED smart city terminal with wireless communication, large-scale cluster control function in the terminal layout does not limit the number, the management can control the platform for all terminal unified remote control, the audience can watch the show content in multi point, is a network system of communication platform, can achieve three-dimensional communication effect. Three.

wider application of

LED large screen around its broadcasting function to find relevant customer groups, the customers are mainly outdoor advertising operators, media operators, real estate project business, there is a great limitation in the scope of application. LED smart city terminal located in the service smart city construction, both commercial and public service features, most of the big screen customers can become LED LED smart city terminal target customers.

city in the development of smart terminals, visible light wireless communication (called Lifi-LightFidelity) also played an important role. Visible light communication technology, high-speed light and dark flashing signal by using LED from the invisible to the naked eye to transmit information, the wire device of high speed internet connection in the lighting device, insert the power plug can be used. Through Lifi technology, users will be more convenient in controlling the LED display, so as to meet the needs of real-time information transmission.

LED display and wisdom ecosystem combination mode is the future mainstream of city infrastructure development, this model can be called “ smart streetlight system ”, which includes LED screen, camera, RFID reader, emergency charging pile, a variety of environmental sensors, emergency call operation mode and other equipment, the design of this model breaks through the traditional street lamp only to achieve a single lighting function, realize the co operation of various equipment, to meet the needs of city construction and provide diversified information collection, greatly facilitate the daily lives of people.

future, the city will drive the development of increased commercial advertisement, intelligent display of the corresponding layout and building is increasing; at the same time, along with the city infrastructure upgrading, “ smart lighting system ” will light our city more environmentally friendly; LED display in which also plays a very important role by watching the LED screen, we can be more convenient to get information, experience better visual feast, to make our city more shiny.

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